Three Animals

China has a long history of its zodiac culture. As the Chinese zodiac is derived according to the ancient Five Elements Theory, every Chinese Sign is composed of five elements with relations, among those elements, of interpolation, interaction, over-action, and counter-action — believed to be the common law of motions and changes of creatures in the universe. Different people born under each animal sign supposedly have different personalities, and practitioners of Chinese astrology consult such traditional details and compatibilities to offer putative guidance in life or for love and marriage.

There are four animal trines for these twelve animals, each trine is so-called the best match. The first trine consists of the Rat, Dragon and Monkey. The second trine consists of the Ox, Snake and Rooster. The third trine consists of the Tiger, Horse and Dog. The fourth trine consists of the Rabbit, Goat and Pig.

We have created this set of bracelet (one set has four bracelets) with one trine (three animals) in each bracelet which has a great symbolization, and made it by the gold material which is the symbolic of luck, prosperity and success. 

“Three animals” Au.999 3g

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