Position Name Working Place Subordinate Sector
HRBP CHINA/Beijing The human resources department
1, assist the departments of the corresponding departments, head of personnel and development plan, and finish the job tasks; 2, for the head of the staff employment, promotion, move, the respect such as performance appraisal rating decision provides human resources professional advice; 3, key talent inventory, to know the department's dynamic, coordinate to deal with all kinds of employee relations in the department, reasonable solve employee appeal; 4, enterprise culture in the promotion and implementation of the department 5, other work assigned by the company.
New media operations director CHINA/Beijing Internet sales department
1, responsible for the company's products in today's headlines, WeChat public, new media platforms such as operation promotion; 2, responsible for new media content distribution, fan interaction, topic manufacturing, activities execution, etc, to maintain growth and active fans; 3, responsible for new media platform promotion effect of tracking, data analysis and optimization and feedback adjustment and so on work; 4, daily new media crisis public relations handling.
Legal director CHINA/Beijing justice
1. Drafted, preliminary examination contract and other legal documents according to company risk control management requirements; 2. Provide legal advice for the introduction and r&d of company products; 3. Collect relevant laws and regulations of the company and provide reference materials for all departments; 4. Pay attention to the latest industry law dynamics, and analyze the impact of new and revised laws and regulations on the business development of the company; 5. Application and maintenance of intellectual property rights such as trademark, patent and domain name.
Marketing planning manager/director CHINA/Beijing Market management department
1. To develop the products of the company's marketing plan, assist points product marketing plan; 2. According to the company's product marketing planning, product copy planning, design work plan, ensure consistent with the business sector to promote the rhythm; 3. According to the requirements of the marketing of the company's products, the product promotion planning, core marketing strategy, organization related document class promotion planning and design. 4. Audit, handle marketing copywriter planning, design class assignments, to ensure the output to business department in time and quality. 5. According to the product's overall market promotion plan, monitor and supervise the relevant departments to organize the implementation, to ensure that the work involved in performing as required; 6. According to the work needs to be completed Marketing Department and the department of communication and coordination work.
President assistant CHINA/Beijing President Office
1. Assist the President's daily work, including file draft/management, itinerary/schedule, communication and coordination, etc.; 2. The President through the involvement of the business communication, coordination, negotiation and follow up the transaction; Inform the management of the work instructions and arrangements, and the prison Check and implement each work implementation; 3. All kinds of files to collect report to President, respond to coordinate President after timely treatment, registration, archiving; Collect, sort out related business information industry, provide the basis for decision-making and analysis; 4. Cooperate with manage the external public relations, assist the general manager in the government and big customer project research and maintenance work; 5. Responsible for the company's top business reception, participate in business negotiations, the reception of important customers and maintain customer relationship effectively; 6. Coordinate with internal resources, assist management to implement internal project; 7. Assist the company leadership organization, planning publicity activities, such as meetings, communication activities; 8. Responsible for the meeting record, content arrangement, report the leadership approval to determine the conference spirit, international forwarding convey various departments perform, internal archive custody as record; 9. Assist leader to coordinate various departments and the working relationship between jobs and be carried out smoothly and implementation, upload issued coordination effect; 10. Responsible for completing other work as assigned by management.
The director of audit risk control CHINA/Beijing Ministry of audit
1, responsible for the company's headquarters, subsidiary and holding company of financial audit, process audit and related work; 2, on the company's major business decisions and investment project risk control Suggestions and opinions, to assist the President to effectively control business risk management; 3, responsible for the specific work arrangements and organize the implementation of internal control project of auditing, communication and coordination, and evaluation of process control, audit, etc; 4, responsible for the integrity of the company's personnel audit work.
Senior product designers CHINA/Beijing Creative department
1, according to the market information with making jewellery product creative planning, and make a new design proposal; 2, according to the brand positioning, style and standard, provided to meet the market demand of product design;   3, according to the design schedule of complete design task; college 4, supervision, design implementation schedule control design of the product cost; 5, and craftsmen craft that communication and follow up; 6, with professional business ability, hospitality services advanced customization customers;   7, design judgment execution is strong, internal colleagues cooperation degree is higher;   8, cooperate fully with the company marketing activities; 9, strengthen self learning, and constantly promote artistic accomplishment and design capabilities.
Senior designer CHINA/Beijing Brand management
1, responsible for the brand visual creative design (from media, the promotion poster advertising, publicity pages, etc.); 2, responsible for the brand visual design, the final draft of production and the ground is carried out; 3, involved in creative discussions, on the basis of creative concept, design idea and concrete expression.
Director of marketing management CHINA/Beijing Marketing Management Department
3、产品上市节奏的掌控,定价; 4、销售任务分配、营销策略的制定;
5、做销售计划,能够进行销售数据跟踪,进行销售管理; 6、负责集团营销团队的培训。
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